TroubleScope's Goals

The primary goal of TroubleScope is to provide a comprehensive troubleshooting framework for applications. TroubleScope attempts to attain this goals by provide for the following facilities:

  • Provide a automated troubleshooting client
  • Provide a problem evaluation framework
  • Provide a problem resolution framework
  • Provide a web based knowledge base
  • Provide a application integration API

Automated troubleshooting client

TroubleScope will provide a remote troubleshooting client that will run on end users' machine an utilitize the evaluation/resolution subsystems to evaluation and troubleshoot common problems.

Problem evaluation framework

TroubleScope will provide a framework for creating tests that will check an application for common causes to problems. The framework will be flexible so that it should be easy to create the simplest tests, while providing for facilities to create the most complex tests.

Problem resolution framework

TroubleScope will provide a framework for creating instructions for resolving causes to common problems.

Web based knowledge base

TroubleScope will provide a web based knowledge base for users to narrow down their problems to start the evaluation process.

Application integration API

TroubleScope will provide a Java API for applications to integrate with for self-troubleshooting functionality. This feature provide functionality much like the self bug reporting provide in IE and mozilla (Feedback Agent), but will in addition try to fix the if problem possible.