TroubleScope Technical Overview

This technical overview will elaborate on how TroubleScope will attain the goals onlined here.

Automated troubleshooting client

Utilizing Java Web Start technology, TroubleScope will provide a client that end users will use to invoke the evaluation/resolution process locally on their system. Running the client will be as easy as clicking a link on a website, and can be fully automated or configurable based on user preferences.

Problem evaluation framework

The problem evaluation framework will allow troubleshooters to create tests that will check for common causes of problems that afflicts a particular application. At the foundation of this subsystem is the jUnit testing framework. Troubleshooters will create a test suite to identify a particular cause of the problem, from which an appropriate resolution to the problem can be found. Furthermore, the system will will have support for Jelly, test suites, which allows you to write test scripts in XML that can utilitize other useful libraries, such as Ant.

A repository of useful test suites will also be provide here (to be determined), so that creating evaluation scripts will require less coding for troubleshooters.

Problem resolution framework

The resolution subsystem will consist of a registry of common resolutions for common causes of problems, which can be looked up by id or with the results of an evaluation. The resolution system will leverage Ant and Jelly to provide users with a scripting resolution framework.

A repository of useful resolution scripts will also be provide here (to be determined), so that creating resolution scripts will require less coding for troubleshooters.

Web based knowledge base

TroubleScope will provide a simple knowledge base implementation from which users can use to narrow down their particular problem to one or a set of evaluation configurations. The knowledge base will persist its data through a generic persistence layer (to be determined) so that different storage implementations will be used. TroubleScope will by default provide a XML file storage implementation.

Application integration API

The integration API will an easy to use API that will communicate with a remote TroubleScope system using a common communications protocol (probably a web service). More details are yet to be determined.